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9 Lessons Learned: Camp

Summer Camp Can Be Fun And Healthy At The Same Time

Nowadays, people especially the parents are getting more concerned about the food that their children eat in school cafeterias and summer camps. It seems like the food being served on these establishments does not contain the right nutrition that a child needs. However, when it comes to summer camp – this is simply just untrue. There are great summer camps that do not just offer a fun experience for the kids but also does its very best in providing healthy meals for your children, continue reading this blog to find out more about summer camp menus. We will be tackling important concerns about this first blog which are the menu compilations and the basic concept of the camp nutrition. Also look out for our future blogs which we will be discussing about exciting topics like special diets, methods in summer camp menus and snacks.

You will be happy to know that some summer camps have a nutritionist to help choose only the best food for your children to eat. You can rely on these great summer camps to offer a variety of meal plans to campers and staff as well. You will be even more relieved to know that they have fruit bars and tons of yogurt to serve for breakfast which is the most important meal of the day, and healthy salad bars for lunch and dinner. You can also expect that your child will eat other healthy food to keep them up and running like hard boiled eggs, bagels and cheese. They are also aware of some conditions your children might have like commonly lactose intolerance, which is why they prepare some great soy milk for your children. There reputable summer camps offer a vegetarian selection during meals.

The chances of these summer camps planning special diets are also increasing. These camp leaders are also planning to make these menus sensitive to some people who have special diet needs. There are more and more choices being offered now because of these factors being considered.

Camp directors take it as a special task to plane these menus well for the campers and staff. It goes without saying that your children will be more active at camp than at your home. They will be physically active from morning until the evening. People often speculate about how there is too much carbohydrates in the food served at camp, but that is because of the nutritional basis being followed. Their body needs those amount of carbohydrates to help add more energy throughout the day. Even though they serve a large amount of carbohydrates they still ensure a balanced meal by serving fruits and plenty of veggies on the side as well.

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