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A Guide to Sewer Vacuum Trucks

If you have already seen a vacuum truck, you will describe it as a heavy-duty vehicle with a mounted tank, a vacuum pump and many different sizes of hoses. The function of a vacuum truck is to extract solids, liquids, sludge, and wet or dry hazardous and non-hazardous materials pneumatically. It can clean septic systems and sewers, perform emergency rescues and environmental remediation. Street sanitation, cleaning oil spills, and storage tanks are the other functions of a vacuum truck. Natural gas can also be extracted using vacuum tracks by removing brine water to prevent contamination of areas which are uncontaminated.

There is a high demand for vacuum trucks today. The versatility, functionality, and efficiency of the vacuum trucks make it very useful for different industries. When purchasing a vacuum truck, it is important to first learn about how it operates so that you can select the best type that is designed to meet your company requirements.

The vacuum truck has essential components that can effectively suction material. The important components include the pump, the tank, and the hose.

Vacuum trucks use pumps that are of two different kinds. The conventional pony motor and the modern rotary hand are the two types of pumps used for vacuum trucks. The motor rotary hand has proven to be more effective since it can deliver high-pressure suction capabilities.

Extracted materials are contained in these vacuum truck tanks that are made from heavy-duty metal. Depending of the applications and configuration, the size of the vacuum truck tank varies. If the tank is small it can carry 300 gallons, and the large tanks can carry 3000 gallons or more. The construction material and design of vacuum truck tanks will depend on the type of waste material that it will carry. Stainless steel tanks are the best to use when handling corrosive and hazardous wastes.

The type and size of hoses used is very important. If the diameter size is altered or if the hose length is changed in the middle of a job, there is an effect which operators of these vehicles must understand. Since changing the hose diameter and length can weaken the air speed, the suction efficiency suffers negatively. Companies usually use smooth-bore hoses for the vacuum trucks. For extensive and difficult task, use smooth-bore hoses for the best effects.

If you want your waste materials removed quickly and affordably, then use a vacuum truck since it will give you many benefits. With the use of vacuum trucks, tough jobs can be handled and completed on time. You will also be able to carry tons of waste material in one single trip. This allows for an environmentally friendly and safe operation. You will be able to transport and dispose of the waste materials that were vacuumed in a quick and easy way. Vehicles of today are high end and they can effectively vacuum everything that the nozzle can reach.

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